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GMR Freight Brokers is the expert when it comes to transportation logistics for all your freight needs. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we keep a firm grasp on the market, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of every player, overcome your obstacles, eliminate misleading information, and mitigate uncertainty.

  • Pickup and delivery planning? We’ve got you covered.
  • Tracking. More tracking. Around-the-clock tracking. Our transportation logistics agents are proactive, committed, and always ready to help with everything from routine runs to critical operations.
  • We have the skills you need for containerizing goods, managing complex or non-standard projects, and consolidation.

Whatever your business, point of origin, or destination, we’re here for you to get the job done. We provide the vehicles or equipment best suited to your needs. We understand exactly what you expect in terms of scheduling. Why? Because we ask the right questions upfront.

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Special projects:

This combined expertise from many years brings out the best in all of us in special projects. What do we mean by “special projects” ? You know those times when you are navigating in troubled waters , blindly , not seeing clearly how you will solve your transport problem ? Looking to quickly get rid of a thorny, demanding, difficult, heavy issue? Find out how we are doing with the examples below

Custom solution in a pinch

When a piece of equipment failed at a client’s remote worksite in the Gaspé Peninsula, they turned to us to get a replacement part delivered ASAP – outside normal working hours. With the shutdown costing the client $2,000 per hour, we had to find a solution fast.

Our client organized air freight from Edmonton to Montreal, and we arranged to pick up the part at the airport at the scheduled arrival time. But things went awry when there was no room on the last connecting flight of the night. Sound familiar? That’s where we stepped in. It was 8 p.m.

With the part stuck in Toronto, we swiftly turned to our network to expedite delivery. By 10 p.m., one of our suppliers had picked up the item, and at 4 a.m., it was placed it in the hands of our company president himself (since no one else was working at that time). Once in Quebec City, the part was transferred to another carrier for the last leg of the journey, and was delivered to the Gaspé by 4 p.m. the next day. In total, it took 17 hours to move the part 1,450 km by road – all outside normal working hours. The bottom line? Our client saved an estimated $10,000!

Successfully managing a complex, non-standard project

A Texan client working with an Alberta company contacted us for a major project: transporting a one-of-a-kind prototype manufactured in Trois-Rivières. The manufacturer had no place to store it: our challenge was to find an appropriate storage space. Easy? Not when the piece measures 26 ft. in diameter! At that size, there was no way to fit it into a conventional warehouse. And the cost of long-distance transportation would be astronomical.

Since the prototype would most likely be shipped overseas, the client asked us to find local storage space with access to port facilities to have it ready to ship when needed.

Possible? Check! We met with Port of Trois-Rivières management and they confirmed that the port could handle loading the prototype onto a ship. The next step was to find a warehouse owner willing to make a 40-foot opening in the side of a warehouse to push in the massive prototype. Finally it was time to transport the prototype and then move it into the building using a hydraulic skidding system. We didn’t let anything stand in our way!