Limit your susceptibility to economic shocks and manage the driver shortage!

Limit your susceptibility to economic shocks and manage the driver shortage!

The secret is out: Quebec is running 5,000 drivers short and is struggling to meet the increasing transport demand. In Canada, this shortage will reach 48,000 drivers by 20241. As a result, (and despite a very strong need in the transport industry) many carriers are artificially curbing their growth, forced to let part of their fleet sit idle because of the lack of available truckers.

The upshot: longer delays and higher transportation costs

Recruiters are attempting to reverse the adverse effects the shortage is having on the industry by offering recruitment bonuses, flexible hours and higher salaries. While these measures do indeed make the transportation industry more appealing to new drivers, they aren’t enough to meet the high demand! Worse still, these efforts have a direct and growing impact on the operating costs of transport companies, an expense that takes its toll, in one way or another, on the customer’s dime.

Freight Brokers provide a complete service that regulates market rates and optimizes transit time

At a time when instability and uncertainty are affecting road transport operations, a Freight Broker can be an advantageous addition to your business. Here’s how:


Because of the acute driver shortage, it’s all the more challenging to ensure a multi-faceted project runs smoothly, hence why some businesses hire 2, 3 or even 4 different transport carriers to do the job. To tackle this challenge, a Freight Broker would manage the operation and the carriers on behalf of the client. As a result, the client has the advantage of dealing with a single point of contact, something that makes operational and administrative tasks much more efficient.   

Operating times reduced to a minimum

While they may have been able to meet demand in the past, many carriers now have no choice but to impose limited availability of goods and longer wait times on their customers. Conversely, Freight Brokers have a trustworthy network and many transporters in their arsenal. They can ensure that merchandise is delivered as quickly as possible, regardless of the number of trucks required.   

Always looking for the best prices, regardless of the current economic situation

It may be true that improved working conditions and the limited availability of carriers are disturbing the world of transportation and driving prices up, but a Freight Broker works on a continual basis to reduce market fluctuations and find the best price for each transport operation, all to the client’s advantage.

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