Be part of a smart transportation logistics chain with GMR

Are you a transportation equipment operator looking for a partner who will support you, respect you, and pay you faster than other clients? A partner who will provide opportunities for development? A genuine transportation logistics partner you can grow with, and who doesn’t charge unreasonable commissions? GMR is the name you need!

We’re always looking for reliable partners who can help us meet the logistics needs of our large list of clients. Once you’ve been approved, our freight agents will evaluate your performance on every assignment. We’re always on the lookout for companies that get the job done right (not just cheap).

Becoming a GMR partner means access to over 600 clients and a huge range of assignments. We can help you keep your truck on the road and make a decent living. Partnering with us is also the opportunity to work with transportation industry professionals who understand your problems and work with you to find solutions. And we’ll help you avoid the kinds of hassles that happen when you don’t get the right information.

Contact us! Become our valued partner.