Thaw period: making the most of transport operations in spite of imposed limits

Thaw period: making the most of transport operations in spite of imposed limits

Spring is a critical time for shipping companies. For one, when spring rolls around, there is an increase in demand for many seasonal products (soil, sand, stone, etc.). Another bonus is that the spring thaw means melting snow and for many companies, that gives them increased storage capacity. As a result, transportation activities rise significantly to meet the sudden increase in demand across numerous markets.

But it’s not all good news

We know that when the mercury rises, it brings its fair share of problems too. In Quebec, the various thaw zones force carriers to ramp up efforts in order to meet the increased demand, while respecting the weight limits in place to protect the network of roads throughout the province. Because the authorized loads per transport unit are set lower during this time, it’s often necessary to put more trucks on the road to transport the same amount of goods.

Thaw period: a targeted date, but subject to change

Let’s not forget that the set start and end dates for thaw periods are subject to change. In fact, the date of the period coming into effect can be changed by Transports Québec (depending on a range of factors) with a notice of just 5 days! One can only imagine the complications that arise for shipping companies on a daily basis because of these limits, and the extra cost associated with having to put more trucks on the road so they can transport their goods.   

Transport logistics experts: a priceless asset during the thaw period

As a transport broker, we have extensive knowledge of the local road networks as well as those in Canada and the US. We also have a vast network of carriers, so we can combine several transportation solutions to minimize the inconveniences that can crop up during the thaw period. As a team, brokers and clients work to prioritize transportation operations to find the best time and route available. We know from experience that this is the perfect way to reduce costs and delivery times, while mitigating unnecessary headaches. If you want to avoid making life more difficult than it has to be during the thaw period, contact us today! You can depend on G.M.R.