The freight broker : less worries… at a lower cost!

The freight broker : less worries… at a lower cost!

A manufacturing business spends a significant proportion of its annual budget on merchandise transportation. Therefore, this major expense must undoubtedly be carefully evaluated, even more so due to its high variability. Effectively, the numerous fluctuations that characterise the field of transportation may greatly influence the costs of a project, making your operations’ profitability plummet rapidly…as well as your competitiveness on the market!

To limit the risks related to this major budget item, every business whose activities are impacted by merchandise transportation must seek logistical expertise to avoid any possible missteps. In this respect, the freight broker represents without a doubt the best option to which you can turn. This is because their knowledge of the numerous subtleties of the transportation market as well as their access to a vast array of logistical services allows them to quickly pinpoint the most advantageous solution, in terms of both time and finances.

Zero risk does not exist…however!

Many things can happen during the transportation of merchandise. For this reason, it is impossible to guarantee “beyond any doubt” that a delivery will not encounter any problems along the way. Once again, your broker puts their expertise to work by ensuring that the different transportation operations are monitored throughout the entire shipping process for your merchandise. When a problem arises unexpectedly, the broker uses a number of tools and software to rapidly problem solve by offering realistic and effective alternative solutions. 

In summary, a freight broker:

  • Clearly identifies your transportation objectives based on your reality and the many subtleties of the market.
  • Makes use of their vast network of transportation providers and their logistical expertise to come up with a customized transportation solution, all while minimizing associated risks.
  • Negotiates rates related to the transportation of your merchandise to your advantage. 
  • Ensures monitoring of transportation operations, from merchandise shipping to reception.

The GMR guarantee: dedicated and available logistical experts

Besides its considerable expertise in transportation logistics, GMR Freight Brokers distinguishes itself through its widespread availability and its constant desire to rapidly resolve the smallest issue that may arise during the transportation of your merchandise. Our experts are reachable at any time to ensure a top-notch, personalized service based on your business needs. Want to know more about our services? Contact us now.