Mobilizing logistics experts: a major advantage when managing complex transportation operations

Mobilizing logistics experts: a major advantage when managing complex transportation operations

In addition to supervising each shipment from start to finish, G.M.R. logistics experts not only listen to and advise clients but also go above and beyond to offer the most efficient transportation options.

On-site Expertise: A Major Asset!

Beyond their ability to identify efficient, cost-effective solutions, our logistics experts are occasionally called upon to travel on site to coordinate complex transportation operations. This is especially true when dealing with oversize loads or simultaneously coordinating several dozen transport operations. Christophe Dupuis, long-time Project Manager, Special Transportation Projects for GMR Freight Brokers, is responsible for planning and conducting such operations. “The deployment of a logistics expert on site provides the shipper with substantial benefits, especially during major transportation operations. Our presence ensures that everything is properly handled while our expertise allows clients to quickly respond to unforeseen circumstances and adapt accordingly,” he explained.

When considering on-site problems that can arise during major operations, Dupuis recalls a transportation project involving a shipment travelling from Quebec to Ontario for which the weight of the load had been underestimated: “For various reasons, the load exceeded its planned weight by 20,000 pounds. Consequently, additional permits had to be obtained to ensure the shipment’s regulatory compliance. This situation posed a major problem, since obtaining such permits usually takes 7 to 10 days.” Being in the field allowed Dupuis to not only quickly pinpoint the available options but also work closely with the shipper to revise the shipment’s logistics: “In the end, we modified the load’s configuration and mobilized two additional carriers to ensure compliance, allowing the shipper to meet the established deadlines and fulfil his obligations.”

Limiting Transportation Risks Through Thorough Planning

Beyond their presence in the field during shipping, logistics experts also ensure that all technical and legal documents related to the operation are properly filled out. “Since non-compliance can generate substantial additional costs and delays for shippers, we make sure that all required documents are prepared prior to each operation. Beyond the regulatory aspect, it’s not unusual for one of our specialists to visit the site several weeks before shipping in order to analyze the situation and anticipate potential problems,” Dupuis said.

Are you planning a complex transportation project? Do you wish to ensure that your operation runs smoothly by being organized and well planned? Contact our team of transportation logistics experts!